Setup and Install

In here you’ll be able to find the documentation on how to install the integration.



Install Python 2.7.15 (64 bits) or later.


The package does not work with Python 3.

Once python is installed, from a cmd prompt, type python and make sure the installed Python can be discovered. If not, adjust your %PATH% environment variable to include the path where Python.exe resides.

In the Python interpreter, type the following code and make sure the returned value matches the directory where you installed Python:

>>> import sys
>>> print sys.executable

Quit the interpreter by typing

>>> quit()


In order for Unity to pull packages from remote git repositories, the git application should be available. Please refer to your operating system application store to locate and install it.

install integration

Whether you have been downloading the integration or built yourself, copy the uncompressed folder in the %FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH%

You can find more information on how to locate it in the ftrack help page

known limitations


Due to the limitation of the the current system, publishers for other assets types (eg: geometry, rig etc…) will be shown on asset level, but won’t be working.

Is Currently possible to publish only image_sequence asset (see documentation for details) on shot level.